Nakamura Ohana

Tania De Jesus was extremely professional, thorough and reliable during the sale of my condo. Her vision and suggestions for getting my condo ready for sale exceeded my expectations. Her ideas for making repairs, painting, and staging my condo were critical to maximizing our final sales price. In fact, her helpful strategies and hard work contributed to closing the highest sales price to date of any condo in my building. Tania went the extra mile in the sale of our condo, which came during a challenging time in our lives. She also kept me informed each step of the way. Tania made the sales and escrow process stress free. I would highly recommend Tania to anyone looking to sell or buy a property.

Lewis Ohana

The epitome of Professional! As a career Officer in the United States Air Force, I have bought or sold seven different homes from North Carolina, to Colorado to Hawaii. Tania de Jesus is by far the best Realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with! While most realtors are good at doing the rudimentary elements required to sell a home, Tania and the whole team she brings with her performed at a level I had never experienced before, nor knew existed. She didn't just list the house and market it at an Open House. Tania brought an army of vendors to the table to fix up our home so that we could get the maximum value for our house. In a
single day she scheduled at least 10 to 12 vendors to come in and give us estimates to do everything from painting, to floor replacements, carpentry repair and plumbing upgrades. She did in one day what would have taken me weeks or months to coordinate. After we decided on what repairs we wanted to do, Tania spent the next month and a half overseeing the work on our house. She was there pretty much every day whenever the vendors were working. I know she had other clients at the same time, but it felt like we were her only focus. She knew everything that each vendor was responsible for accomplishing, and ensured they
completed the job on time and to the highest standard. If something needed to be redone, she ensured it happened. When it came time for the Open House, she ensured that the house was ready for Prime Time! Her team provided an on-line video which received over 2000+ "views" in a week - unbelievable! We received three offers above asking price after the first showing! Say no more. I can't possibly tell you how happy we are to have met Tania and had the opportunity to work with her, and I'm sure any one else will be too.

Mathur Ohana

We were introduced to Tania by a good friend who has had excellent experiences with her in the past. She showed us our dream condo, but since it is a leasehold property, she made sure we were fully aware of the financial consequences. She was super responsive as we requested further viewings, required comparable sales data and then made sure we received every piece of information we asked for. She even reached out to the country club close to the condo to figure out how we could become members.

She involved other senior members of the team and made sure the negotiations were done to the best extent. She made sure we were aware of deadlines we needed to meet as the escrow process moved forward. She helped the process of completing required remediation. And everything she did was with the highest degree of positivity and professionalism. Thank you Tania.

Nardi Ohana

We could not be happier with our experience working with Tania De Jesus. She made our buying experience easy for a first time purchase in Hawaii. We looked remotely from Seattle at first and Tania's attention to detail, both good and bad, helped us get smarter about what to expect in a Hawaii home. She spent time getting to know us and what was important. She was very responsive and clear in her communication. While it was a business transaction we truly feel like we gained a friend as well. We would highly recommend Tania and look forward to working with her again!

Eagleton Ohana

As a licensed broker for nearly 15 years, my expectations for a real estate sales transaction are high. However, Margie and Tania far exceeded my expectations and helped to make this one of the easiest and quickest transaction experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend them both to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Oahu.

Makuakane Ohana

…Having worked with other realtors a special Mahalo to Tania who shone them all, especially for your consistent communication, care for our property and thoughtfulness.

Lewis Ohana

Thank you so much for your everything you did to make the sale of our home a success! We truly appreciate your patience and sensitivity to our needs and felt that you were always looking out for our best interest during the whole process. While we will miss the house and the views on Waialae Iki, Jim and I are very excited to start the new phase of our lives-RETIREMENT! And Tania, we are so grateful that you helped us make it a reality. We look forward to staying in touch with you because you are Ohana to us now!

Oda Ohana

I’ve met many real estate agents and your demeanor and professionalism is top notch.